SF Punk Renaissance 9/25 “SOMA” Winston Tong w Lx Rudis and Moucci, Richard Driskell, Donovan Drummond


Photo by Mark Hanford who captured so many exceptional performances with equally exceptional photos.

A brilliant performance captured by Eric Goodfield on 9/25 at 111 Minna during SF Punk Renaissance: The Wild, Beautiful, and Eclectic Side of Punk. Always an honor, a profound thank you

SOMA Winston Tong w Lx Rudis and Moucci, Richard Driskell, and Donovan Drummond

111 Minna Winston Tong w Lx Rudis and Moucci joined by Richard Driskell and Donovan Drummond All photos by Mark Hanford




Spotlight on Performance Art: 9/25 Jeorgia Anderson stuns at 111 Minna SF Punk Renaissance

SF Punk Renaissance: The Wild, Beautiful, and Eclectic Side of Punk 111 Minna, Zappa Room Friday September 25, 2015

A true original among originals, Jeorgia has performed with early punk groups from VS to Tuxedo Moon and as The Mechanical Bride for years. Her performance art never fails to amaze. Don’t miss this legend when she performs in the early evening at 111 Minna on Friday September 25, 2015!

Jeorgia will also co-MC the Verdi with Raymond Ernest Andre III


Jeorgia Anderson and Ruby Ray Photo by Bobby Castro

Here’s a bit about Jeorgia from her own biography

Jeorgia Anderson: Jeorgia Anderson is a living artist who has performed in SF, NY, and LA for centuries. After her studies at UC Davis and USF, Jeorgia created guerilla art exhibits on the street in a series called “Art Goes…” which included a burned out building, shoe store, and rehearsal studio. Experimental music, fashion, and art led her to La Mammelle, the Dadaists, and punk rock in SF. She got a guitar and Olga asked her to play in VS, as seen in Hardcore California and Excapees books. Jeorgia went to NYC with Tuxedomoon and stayed for years, appearing in the scene with bands, films, and fashion. Returning to SF in the 80s, she started her own record label Staccato Dysdain and released two vinyl singles as The Mechanical Bride. Heading to LA in the ’90s, Jeorgia wrote and recorded more of her songs and made a public access TV show, MECHANICAL BRIDE, which ran for 13 years and showcased her music and hyper visual images. Finding the digital revolution a sad excuse for reality, Jeorgia is fascinated with preserving the analog ways. The SF punk reunions by Punk Rock Sewing Circle have brought together the real people who were there and new people who care.