9/25 Toiling Midgets Reform in a Stunning Performance at SF Punk Renaissance


Swirling guitar sounds filled 111 Minna as instrumental demi -gods,  the Toiling Midgets, reformed and took the stage during SF Punk Renaissance. During their two year  hiatus, many wondered if the Midgets would ever play again. This stunning performance on 9/25 reinforced their legendary status as they kicked off their return tour.

Thank you again for joining us in celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Punk

Eric Goodfield captured  “No Paul No” in the featured video.

toiling midgets

Photo by Mark Hanfield

midgets verdi 2

Photo by Mark Hanford

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Spotlight on Music: The Iconic Alice Bag Performs at SF Punk Renaissance 9/25 and 9/26!

Punk Rock Sewing Circle is pleased to present the iconic Alice Bag at 111 Minna on Friday September 25 and 9/26 at the Verdi Club! On 9/25 Alice will perform with her own band and on 9/26 she will be backed by the original San Francisco Riot Girrrls Frightwig!
Alice Bag
(born Alicia Armendariz on November 7, 1958in
Los Angeles, California) is a punk rock singer, musician, author, educator and feminist archivist. Alice was lead singer and co-founder
of The Bags, one of the first wave of punk bands to form in the
mid-1970’s in Los Angeles, CA.
Her first
book, Violence Girl, East LA Rage to Hollywood Stage is the story of her
upbringing in East LA, her eventual migration to Hollywood and the euphoria and aftermath of the first punk wave. Violence Girl reveals how domestic abuse fueled her desire for female empowerment and sheds a new perspective on the origin of hardcore, a style most often associated with white suburban males.
An outspoken activist, feminist and a self-proclaimed troublemaker, Alice has remained active in music since the late 1970’s and published her second book, Pipe Bomb for the Soul in 2015. The ongoing influence of Alice’s style can be seen in the traveling Smithsonian exhibition, American Sabor. She has been profiled by PBS, AARP and has been an invited speaker at colleges including Stanford, Wellesley and USC. Her
memoir, Violence Girl, is now required reading in gender and musicology courses throughout the country.
Pipe Bomb for the Soul
In 2011, Alice Bag’s memoir, Violence Girl – East L.A. Rage to Hollywood Stage, A Chicana Punk Story provided a window into the critical events taking place in Los Angeles in the 1960’s and 70’s, as seen through the eyes of a young Chicana protagonist. Violence Girl ends in the mid-1980’s with the ascendancy of the neo- conservative Reagan era, the evolution of punk into hardcore, and an educational expedition to Sandinista Nicaragua.
In Pipe Bomb for the Soul, Alice Bag invites the reader to join her for one life-changing month in post-revolutionary Nicaragua. From Managua to the small town of Esteli, Alice encounters people and situations that challenge her long-held beliefs and force her to evaluate the true costs and value of the American Dream. An excellent companion piece to Violence Girl, Pipe Bomb for the Soul builds on the anti-authoritarian spirit of punk that proposed self-empowerment as a way of life.
In keeping with the spirit of the book, Bag made the decision to self-publish Pipe Bomb for the Soul in May 2015.
Press and Reviews:
“Fierce and funny, feminist and political, and punk as f___,
Violence Girl is a true survivor’s tale. An introduction to an irrepressible spirit you’ll be glad you met.”
– Bitch
“After decades of dudes telling their stories of punk’s formative years in memoir, we finally get one of L.A. punk’s most crucial figures—Alice Bag, frontwoman of The Bags
—telling her tale. Unsentimental and tough, she gets out from under her patriarchal family and finds her place among a crew of motley, misfit kids as they accidentally invented the American West Coast punk in bands like X, Black Flag, Germs and her own band, The Bags.” –Jessica Hopper,
Rookie ” Alice Bag is back in book form and is as explosive as ever.
Pipe Bomb For The Soul
excels in rekindling that revolutionary fervor existing in Nicaragua as it attempteda more pluralistic socialist democracy while mired in a bloody U.S.-backed Contrawar.” – OC Weekly



Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Punk

SEPTEMBER 20-27, 2015


Welcome to the master calendar for SF Punk Renaissance!

See you in September!


SUNDAY 9/20 ELI’S MILE HIGH CLUB 3629 MLK. Jr. Way, Oakland, EAST BAY BANDS. Celebrating the breadth, history and diversity of East Bay punk bands, the bands at Eli’s include Dr. Frank (Frank Portman) of The Mr. T Experience. solo, Impatient Youth (old school Mab faves),
The International Café Revue including members of The Jars, Young Adults and Psycotic Pineapple (all early Berkeley punk bands),
Yo (Bruce Rayburn’s band after Xmas Eve),Edge City Ruins (featuring Jules Worsey (guitar) of Kwik Way, Ike Eichensehr (vocals) of Boneless Ones, 13 and Fang. Co-produced by Eli’s. All ages

MONDAY 9/21st WALK INTO THE PAST Punk Walking Tours of the places, sites, and sounds of punk’s early days. Join Eric Bradner and Raymond Ernest Andre lll on one of 4 narrated walking tours traveling back into the days of the first era. All Ages. Time and location TBA

TUESDAY 9/22nd El RIO 3158 Mission St. SF NEW PUNK BANDS Scott Alcoholocaust presents exciting New punk bands in a co-production with The Punk Rock Sewing Circle. It’s a night of new music, new energy, and the same old madness that we have always loved! Over 21

WEDNESDAY Sept 23rd 2:30-4:30 PM Koret Auditorium SF Public Library Main Branch 111 Larkin SF The Power of the Word: Fanzines and the Pioneering of Punk Rock Journalism, Join pioneering journalists for a panel on zines at the Koret Auditorium in the Main branch of the SF Public Library. V. Vale, Mickey “Creep,” and Verna Wilson (of Ripper) will discuss their experiences as pioneers in the punk rock scene and examine the pivotal function of fanzines between the years 1975 – 1981. All Ages. Tampon Drive Donation Collection Site.


WEDNESDAY 9/23 6:00 PM-12:00 AM Public Works 161 Erie St Opening Night Extravaganza. Tunnel Vision, the Punk Photography Exhibit, opens in the Roll Up Gallery and punk photography, flyers, art, and posters fill the balance of the space in this one night extravaganza! Check out the gallery show in the Roll Up Gallery (open 9/23-10/2), peruse the one day massive punk photography and art show hung throughout the venue, view rare punk films (including the recently unearthed Deaf Club films) dance to live music with Gimme Danger (Stooges Tribute band w/ members of Chrome and Thrill of the Pull) and pogo the night away with early era punk spun by our DJ extraordinaire Bryan James! 21+. Tampon Drive Donation Collection Site.

Featured photographers include Sue Brisk, Joe Truck, Kamera Zie, Ruby Ray, Richard Alden Peterson, Vince Anton, George Sera, Erich Brogger, and Jack Jackson.

Film Makers include: Matt Huestis, Bobby Castro, Bruce Geduldig, Joe Target Rees, Starling Cinema, Richard Gaikowski, rare 16mm films Babeth Mondini VanLoo


THURSDAY 9/24th 1:00-10:00 PM THE ODD FELLOWS BUILDING 26 7th St SWAP AND SHARE AND PUNK PANELS. Punk Records, Punk Collectibles, Punk Books, Punk Flyers, and Zines Some are selling some are sharing their collections in this combination SWAP SHARE AND TELL. Peruse rare punk albums, books, art, buttons, zines, and flyers and talk with the people who are displaying and vending. Authors from Michael Stewart Foley and Marc Zegans to photographers Bobby Castro and Ruby Ray will be on hand to sign their books. Please donate at the door to the tampon drive. All Ages. Tampon Drive Donation Collection Site.

6:00 PM -10:00 PM “ SHUT UP AND LISTEN” It’s a night of panel discussions with seminal figures from the first era scene. Listen first and questions later; panels are all about the questions. Come prepared for some lively discussion on “The Intersection of Queer and Punk Cultures” and “Punk: What went Wrong… and Right.” Panelists on the “The Intersection of Queer and Punk Cultures” include David Dictor, Terrence Allen Smith (Joan Jett Black) Dominique Leslie, Don Baird Moderator: Eric Brogger

“Punk: What went Wrong… and Right” Panelists: Val Vale, Jeff Bale, Denise Sullivan, Peter Urban. Moderated by Michael Stewart Foley, author of “Fresh Fruit for Rotting VegetablesAll Ages. Tampon Drive Donation Collection Site.

THURSDAY 9/24 TBA Walk into the Past Punk Walking Tours of the places, sites, and sounds of our youth. Join Eric Bradner on one of 4 scheduled narrated walking tours traveling back into the days of the first era.

Friday 9/25 111 MINNA- ZAPPA ROOM 111 Minna SF 7:00 PM-12: 30 AM THE WILD, BEAUTIFUL, and ECLECTIC SIDE of PUNK featuring legendary first era punk artists and bands. San Francisco legends The Toiling Midgets return with their swirling guitar sounds after a two-year hiatus. LA based The Deadbeats w/ Geza X make their first ever Bay area appearance. Artistic genius Winston Tong (Tuxedo Moon) with Lx Rudis (The Units) make a rare appearance and the iconic Alice Bag returns to the Bay Area with a stunning reading and musical performance. Marc Zegans premiers his new book of poetry “ The Underwater Typewriter “Release date 9/25. Performance Artist Jeorgia Anderson and Spoken Word artist Jennifer Blowdryer mesmerize while L’Egregore rivets with their multimedia performance art. It’s a night of first era punk legends. 21 +. Tampon Drive Donation Collection Site.

Kim Selzer and Winston Tong will exhibit Album and Poster Art

Friday 9/25 TBA WALK INTO THE PAST Punk Walking Tours of the places, sites, and sounds of punk’s early days. Join Eric Bradner on one of 4 scheduled narrated walking tours traveling back into the days of the first era. All ages. Time and Location TBA

Saturday 9/26 VERDI CLUB 2424 Mariposa 2:00 PM-12: 30 AM First Era Punk Bands It’s a step back into time, featuring an Old School Punk lineup of headliners from the Mab Days. Former Dead Boy, Cheetah Chrome will headline in a rare appearance and The Avengers take the stage with their classic punk anthems. Before there were Riot Girrrls, there was Frightwig; Frightwig will perform a set and then also back Alice Bag. Legendary SF punk band, The Mutants melodically assault and Seattle transplants turned hometown heroes, The Lewd, return with the 1979 line up. South Bay icons Los Olvidados and The Drunk Injuns return after an absence of decades and the long standing SF punk stalwarts VKTMS open the musical proceedings. All ages. Tampon Donation

Authors: Patrick O’Neil (Gun, Needle and Spoon) and Michael Stewart Foley (Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables) will be on hand to read and sign their recently released but soon to be punk classics!

Photographers Bobby Castro, Russell Allen, Mark Hanford, Alanna Alberts, and Andy Zicklin will exhibit their stunning photos of fans, bands, and memories on the historic walls of the Verdi Club

SUNDAY 27TH LUCKY 13 2140 Market St, San Francisco, BARBACUE Close off the celebration of the 40th Anniversary Celebration week on the patio of the Lucky 13. 21 +

SUNDAY 9/27 TBA Walk into the Past Punk Walking Tours of the places, sites, and sounds of our youth. Join Eric Bradner on one of 4 scheduled narrated walking tours traveling back into the days of the first era. All Ages

11728713_10207831678931438_1843383715771210977_o11807602_908565165845235_2958702431141797881_oVerdi Clubswapweeks events

Friday September 25, Celebrate the Wild, the Beautiful and the Eclectic side of Punk at 111 Minna

On Friday September 25, join the Punk Rock Sewing Circle in celebrating the Wild, the Beautiful and the Eclectic side of Punk at the stunningly beautiful 111 Minna Gallery.

Do you have a gift for the King? L’Egregore certainly does, as they kick off our celebration of the 40th anniversary of Punk in this famed SOMA gallery with an incredible multi-media performance.

Performance artist/ writers Jennifer Blowdryer and Jeorgia Anderson will hypnotize you with a verbal assault on the soul, followed by poet and spoken word artist Mark Zegans, as he premieres his new book “The Underwater Typewriter.”

Alice Bag, former iconic front woman for LA’s The Bags and author of the works “Violence Girl” and “Pipe Bomb For The Soul” will take the stage, backed by her band, for prose and music celebrating her 38 years in punk.

Winston Tong, the voice of Tuxedo Moon and award winning solo and performance artist, will join us for a rare performance accompanied by all around synth Wizard Lx Rudis( formerly of the Units)

For more than two years people have wondered if the TOILING MIDGETS would ever take the stage again. Wonder no more, they are back and will deliver another performance to rip the heart out of your soul.

Closing off the evening are the Deadbeats! The Deadbeats, one of the most colorful and entertaining punk bands from Los Angeles first wave, will finally make their San Francisco debut some 38 years after their inception joined by the legendary performer artist and producer Geza X.

Kim Selzer will share her stunning Album art and Winston Tong will display his original posters for Tuxedo Moon

Join us for an evening of first era punk legends at 111 Minna in the Zappa Room!

See you in September…

111 Minna