9/26/15 SF Punk Renaissance THE MUTANTS INSECT LOUNGE w Connie Champagne, Mia D’Bruzzi

mutants w mia and connie_o

Photo by Mark Hanford

The Mutants are always without parallel and Saturday at the Verdi Club was no different as they took the stage joined by Connie Champagne and Mia D’Bruzzi of Frightwig. Thank you to the Mutants for your support!

And THANK YOU to lilmike for capturing the video!


Joined by Sue! Photo by Mark Hanford

mutants 9-26o

Fritz, Brendan and Peter Photo by Mark Hanford

9/25 Toiling Midgets Reform in a Stunning Performance at SF Punk Renaissance


Swirling guitar sounds filled 111 Minna as instrumental demi -gods,  the Toiling Midgets, reformed and took the stage during SF Punk Renaissance. During their two year  hiatus, many wondered if the Midgets would ever play again. This stunning performance on 9/25 reinforced their legendary status as they kicked off their return tour.

Thank you again for joining us in celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Punk

Eric Goodfield captured  “No Paul No” in the featured video.

toiling midgets

Photo by Mark Hanfield

midgets verdi 2

Photo by Mark Hanford

craig toiling midgetsjpg

SF Punk Renaissance 9/25 “SOMA” Winston Tong w Lx Rudis and Moucci, Richard Driskell, Donovan Drummond


Photo by Mark Hanford who captured so many exceptional performances with equally exceptional photos.

A brilliant performance captured by Eric Goodfield on 9/25 at 111 Minna during SF Punk Renaissance: The Wild, Beautiful, and Eclectic Side of Punk. Always an honor, a profound thank you

SOMA Winston Tong w Lx Rudis and Moucci, Richard Driskell, and Donovan Drummond

111 Minna Winston Tong w Lx Rudis and Moucci joined by Richard Driskell and Donovan Drummond All photos by Mark Hanford




9/25 SF Punk Renaissance Marc Zegans Premiers His Superlative Work “The Underwater Typewriter “


It’s rare to come across a work of such startling genius as The Underwater Typewriter. Even rarer to have the opportunity to premier a work of such outstanding quality. Punk Rock Sewing Circle is honored to host Marc Zegans on Friday September 25 at 111 Minna as he premiers The Underwater Typewriter. Truly capturing all thematic elements of SF Punk Renaissance: The Wild, Beautiful, and Eclectic Side of Punk, we are grateful to Marc for postponing his East Coast Tour to share his work with all of us.

Friday September 25, 2015 111 Minna, Zappa Room Door at 7:00 Marc Reads at 7:45 PM!

Marc will also be on hand on Thursday September 24th at 4:00 PM at the Odd Fellows to sign copies of THE UNDERWATER TYPEWRITER.

Read Michael Stewart Foley’s stunning review and understand why this is a book and performance not to be missed!

Marc Zegans is a punk-poet and a poet-punk. In The Underwater Typewriter he is as equally at home in the city gutter as he is on the high seas, chronicling tales of mortality from deep in our past to deep in our present. Zegans possesses a keen understanding of history, but also writes with the eye of an anthropologist, the ear of someone who, like my mother, can listen to multiple conversations at once, and the storytelling skills of a griot. I like it best of all when he pulls the pin on his typewriter and uses it like it’s a grenade.

One of his new poems, “P(un)k Poets: Too Fucked to Drink,” works as an elegy not only for San Francisco, but for all American cities gone to anodyne seed.

It begins and ends with the spirit of punk, running up against structural constraints. Zegans takes us from a Dead Kennedys show at the Mabuhay – “drinking out of filthy glasses in plastic Polynesia” – to the Moscone and Milk murders, the City Hall riots that followed the pat-on-the-butt verdict in Dan White’s trial, and, just for good measure, to the tax revolt and the conservative-led annihilation of the middle class.

It’s a poem about dashed hopes, about the revolution put down, crushed by organized ideologues who laid the groundwork – at exactly the moment when punk seemed most dangerous – for the ongoing dispossession of the San Francisco at the hands of the real estate and tech industries and the political hacks who do their bidding.

As if to drive this home, the poem’s second part is all staccato and stiletto, with short stilted lines that, like text messaging, stab and stab at us – a visceral death-by-a-thousand-cuts reminder of all that we have lost, of all that San Francisco has lost in the city’s acquiescence to Silicon invaders: its edge, its wildness, its riots.

The final part of the poem conjures Allen Ginsberg – an O.G. punk if ever there was one – and “Howl,” a poem so dangerous it became the subject of a San Francisco obscenity trial. Zegans asks us if “it is our work now to surrender long lines, to turn the dirt on Allen’s grave” in favor of those vulgar tech/text lines of the preceding stanzas, but here he writes not only of contrasting styles of poetry: he wants to know where we stand. “This time it is on us,” Zegans concludes. “The times demand nothing, but what will we demand of ourselves?” Now that we’re well into fourth decade of mourning the loss of San Francisco, you have to admit: that’s a pretty good fucking question.

Michael Stewart Foley

Author of Dead Kennedys’ “Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables” (33 1/3)

Professor of American Political Culture and Political Theory, University of Groningen


Stunning review of The Underwater Typewriter by poet and vocalist Lo Galluccio. http://www.thesomervilletimes.com/archives/61255 Lo’s review engages richly and insightfully with several poems in the collection. A well crafted, well styled and honest piece, well worth reading

And an additional piece; equating the poetry to collage http://blog.retrocollage.com/the-underwater-typewriter-collage-and-marc-zeganss-tangible-poetry/

North Beach PUNK WALKING TOUR Sunday 9/27 2:00 PM MEET @ 722 Montgomery


Clown Alley

Remember the first day you walked into the Mab?  The deep smoky darkness, the bamboo pillars, plastic palms, and that bright stage at the far end. The sounds, the thick air, the almost ( good in this sense)Hollywood like Noir feeling that surrounded you. The Alley. The city lights from the top of the Broadway Steps, sparkling in the distance as you swilled your 40 oz and watched the other punkers down on Broadway doing the same. You could never imagine the number of secret meetings held at the top of those stairs; the bands that formed, and even some relationships ( beyond even the night!) Vale and others meeting in that apartment in the alley, plotting the next issue of Search and Destroy. Come along if you remember and also if you don’t. All are welcome in this narrated tour through legendary and infamous punk sites. Come share your stories, tales lurid and comical, and hear other tales from these golden black days. Join in the tour, its about all of us who were there and those who want to share!

Just out of the shadow of the Financial District, ramble past the sites of creative percolation such as the Search and Destroy/ReSearch house, the Savoy Tivoli, and the steps above Broadway. View Dirk Dirksen Alley and punk temples the Mabuhay Gardens and On Broadway, coffee houses, sex shops, cheap hotels and fly-by-night nightclubs. Stroll Broadway, witnessing the influence of the beats, books, and boobs, and hear tales of the Barbary Coast, hippies, and of course, the punks.

North Beach Tour: A few of the sites and more secret surprises ’cause you just cant know it all ahead of time; it spoils the fun!

1. Clown Alley

2. Rock City

3. Golden Eagle Hotel

golden eagle_b

4. The Stone

5. Chi Chi Club

6. Mabuhay Gardens

7. On Broadway

8. Research World HQ

9. Savoy Tivoli…and yet more


MISSION PUNK WALKING TOUR FRIDAY 9/25 2:00 PM MEET @ 16th and Mission Bart( Walgreens side)


Friday September 25 2:00 PM Meet at 16and Mission Bart  on the Walgreen’s side

Remember the Mission the way it once was,  back in the day?  Come along if you do and if you don’t. All are welcome in this narrated tour through legendary and infamous punk sites. Come share your stories, tales lurid and comical, and hear other tales from the days when if you were punk; you didn’t stroll through the Mission. You ran for your life from the the local residents who didn’t fancy the spiky haired denizens who were encroaching on their hood. When shopping at the Compound, the first punk mall, was akin to  traversing a war zone before you finally arrived… Join in the tour, its about all of us who were there and those who want to share!

Wander past the sites of punk shopping mall the Compound, venues like the legendary Deaf Club and the Tool & Die, theaters, record companies, community centers and crash pads, galleries and after hours party spots, and everyone’s favorite, the 22 Fillmore bus. Hear about how popular our brightly colored hair made us with both cops and vatos, and hear the stories hundred-year-old buildings have to tell, even if the structures themselves have been erased by “progress”.

Check out some of the main sites on the walking tour… many more surprises await!

The Mission Tour:

1. Victoria Theater

Victoria theater

2. The Compound

3. Deaf Club

4. Subterranean Records


5. Target Video


Target Bust: Photo by Vincent Anton

6. Mission-A

7. Graffiti/Chatterbox

8. Tool & Die… and still more…


Tenderloin PUNK WALKING TOUR Thursday 9/24 2:00 PM MEET @ Odd Fellows Hall 26 7th Street

Punk Walking Tour #2 Tenderloin Market Street! Meet at the Odd Fellows Hall at 2:00 PM on Thursday 9/24!The-Strand-1920

Punk Walking Tour #2 Tenderloin Market Street! Meet at the Odd Fellows Hall at 2:00 PM on Thursday 9/24! 26 7th Street is right around the corner form Stevenson and the BAART Clinic for some who may have been acquainted and between Mission and Market for others who were lucky to have missed this landmark

Take a deep breath and a short walk past sites of punk employment, and where bands were born, the Strand and the Egyptian theaters. Wander past the clubs, rehearsal spaces, dope spots and soup kitchens. Contrast the corporate Warfield Theater with disreputable dives like the Sound of Music club. Explore the queer/punk intersection, visit spots related to punk’s forgotten record of social activism, and hear about some of the old buildings in their early 20th Century heyday.


The Stairway to the balcony(AKA the Snake Pit) of the Strand


Tenderloin Tour:

1. Odd Fellows Hall


2. Market St. Cinema

3. The Warfield

4. Electric Theater

5. Club 181

6. Sound of Music


7. Club Generic

8. Civic Center Plaza

9. The Strand Theater …and more…