Walk into the Past: Punk Walking Tours



Photo of the Mabuhay by Bobby Castro

PUNK WALKING TOURS! All at 2:00 all are free!

We started to probe our collective memories back in May at the Emerald Tablet when we began to creating a Map of punk landmarks at SF Punk Renaissance: Early Warning.  We mounted a giant Map,  stuck pins on the map to identify the places, puzzled over exactly where “that house” was located, and talked about times and places gone by. As we shared tales, we thought.. what about a Punk Walking Tour? And the idea was born! Eric Bradner has expanded on the original idea and created an amazing series of narrated walking tours in conjunction with Raymond Ernest Andre III, through the areas of the city we all knew and loved. He’s also in the  process of creating a PDF version of the map with descriptions of the sites; we hope that visitors to the city will be able to use it for their own self guided tours of our history. At the end of each tour, we’ll stop for a beverage and time to talk. The tours are for folks who were there and those who are curious.. lets share our history in all the ways possible!

Join us for a series of narrated Punk Walking tours exploring punk landmarks from clubs and after hour party joints to record companies, crash pads, and the gathering places


The first of four punk walking tours, this walking tour focuses on South of Market punk landmarks. Join your host, Raymond Ernest Andre lll on a narrated walking tour filled with tales of punk’s underground revolution as the tour travels past legendary and infamous brick and mortar landmarks Learn about the clubs, rehearsal spaces, infamous punk houses, and after hour punk party venues. It was a different world back in the 70’s hear about it and share your own tales if you were there!  ALL AGES. FREE Meeting time 2:00 PM on the corner of 11th & Folsom on the old Oasis corner.


THURSDAY 9/24/15 2:00 PM THE TENDERLOIN Take a deep breath and a short walk past sites of punk employment, and where bands were born, the Strand and the Egyptian theaters. Wander past the clubs, rehearsal spaces, dope spots and soup kitchens. Contrast the corporate Warfield Theater with disreputable dives like the Sound of Music club. Explore the queer/punk intersection, visit spots related to punk’s forgotten record of social activism, and hear about some of the old buildings in their early 20th Century heyday. ALL AGES. FREE Meeting Time 2:00 PM at the Odd Fellows 26 7th St



The third Punk Walking Tour, this tour focuses on locations around the Mission District. Join your host, Eric Bradner, on a narrated walking tour filled with tales of punk’s underground revolution as the tour travels past legendary and infamous brick and mortar landmarks. Wander past the sites of punk shopping mall the Compound, venues like the legendary Deaf Club and the Tool & Die, theaters, record companies, community centers and crash pads, galleries and after hours party spots, and everyone’s favorite, the 22 Fillmore bus. Hear about how popular our brightly colored hair made us with both cops and the neighborhood, and hear the stories hundred-year-old buildings have to tell, even if the structures themselves have been erased by “progress”. ALL AGES. FREE Meeting Place 16th and Mission near Bart on the Walgreens side

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SUNDAY 9/27/15 NORTH BEACH  2:00  pm Just out of the shadow of the Financial District, ramble past the sites of creative percolation such as the Search and Destroy/ReSearch house, the Savoy Tivoli, and the steps above Broadway. View Dirk Dirksen Alley and punk temples the Mabuhay Gardens and On Broadway, coffee houses, sex shops, cheap hotels and fly-by-night nightclubs. Stroll Broadway, witnessing the influence of the beats, books, and boobs, and hear tales of the Barbary Coast, hippies, and of course, the punks. ALL AGES. FREE Meeting Time 2:00 PM at 722 Montgomery

10384831_10152819961883983_2549742688510800095_nMAB PHOTO BOBBY CASTRO

The Mab Photo by Bobby Castro