Tickets on sale Now! Thanks! Punk Rock Sewing Circle presents 40th Anniversary of Punk with SF Punk Renaissance (September 20-27, 2015).

Tickets are Here!

For details about the Events and the Shows click on


Or…Click on the Scroll for the Master Calendar for the Festival. Thanks!

Join the Punk Rock Sewing Circle in commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Punk with SF Punk Renaissance (September 20-27, 2015) a week long festival of iconic punk events celebrating old school music, art, and culture. We have the venues, artists, films, bands; our DIY spirit is as strong as ever. Our only stumbling block is financial. We’ve spent 6 months planning, sweated blood, gnashed our teeth, and taken our money out from under the mattresses but we’re still short of money and want to keep tickets affordable. Contribute towards our $15,000 goal and help defray the cost of SF Punk Renaissance 2015!

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new Verdi



12 thoughts on “Tickets on sale Now! Thanks! Punk Rock Sewing Circle presents 40th Anniversary of Punk with SF Punk Renaissance (September 20-27, 2015).

    • We’ll be putting tickets on sale in roughly a week and will give several days advance warning through the blog and our Facebook page and group. Tickets wil be available through the website and also for cash by arrangement in San Francisco and El Cerrito.
      We’re waiting a week as we are hoping to raise additional donations through Go Fund Me to help defray the costs of the festival!
      Stay tuned and see you in September!


  1. MCXIII says:

    Holy Hell…! Ok so i am frothing at the mouth here and now plotting the cross country drive to get there for this! Really excellent to see all of this being put together….!


    • We’ll have your name via PayPal on a master list for each event and as we check everyone in they’ll get a wristband for the event..

      If you’re buying tickets for someone else, or if you are buying for more than just yourself, we’ll be in touch to get the extra names noted on the master lists thought the email that PayPal gives us.

      We had hoped to use a ticketing program with a fancy bar code for the smart phone but it just didn’t work with and the other ticketing options aren’t flexible for the guests and our needs. So PayPal it is again for 4th event. It works, best to stick with what we know!

      Hopefully that makes sense, far easier to say than to write!


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