About Punk Rock Sewing Circle

The Punk Rock Sewing Circle is a volunteer group of artists, musicians, and activists from the early days of punk rock in San Francisco who organize art and music based events designed to simultaneously promote early punk rock culture while raising funds for social justice causes.  Our events are coordinated on behalf of the community by the community and feature early era punk rock music, photography, art, spoken word, and performance art. Its a labor of love and not for a profit.

In our fundraising, we focus our efforts on stigmatized populations and issues from homelessness and women’s needs to health issues; we support integral needs that are underfunded and life sustaining. Our events provide a vitally needed cultural outlet outlet, by providing an artistic platform for photographers, artists, and musicians.

3 thoughts on “About Punk Rock Sewing Circle

    • We should be putting tickets on sale a week from Monday and will give several days advance warning through the blog, our Facebook page, and group. Tickets will be available through the website and also for cash by arrangement in San Francisco and El Cerrito.
      We’re waiting a week as we are hoping to raise additional donations through Go Fund Me to help defray the costs of the festival!
      Stay tuned and see you in September!

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