Tonight Opening “VOID CALIFORNIA 1975-1989”

Get out of the rain and check out the opening for VOID CALIFORNIA 1975-1989 tonight from 6:30-8:30 at the California College of Art . Featuring artists from Ruby Ray, Joe Rees, to Matt Heckert and many more, this curated exhibit explores punk inflected media.

From the press release

“Void California surveys punk-inflected media that emerged from California subcultures in the late 1970s and 1980s. Encompassing zines, photography, collage, video montage, documentary film, and sound collage, the exhibition presents its artists and musicians as subcultural anthropologists, documenting a world at the brink of disaster.

Publications and artists included in the exhibition are Melody Sumner Carnahan, Randy Hussong, Cameron Jamie, Negativland, NOMAG (Los Angeles), Raymond Pettibon, Ruby Ray, Search & Destroy (SanFrancisco), Greta Snider, Matt Heckert, Survival Research Laboratories, Joe Rees/Target Video77, Vile (San Francisco), and We Got Power (Los Angeles).”

For additional info, check out the links below. Stop by and check out this outstanding exhibi!

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