North Beach PUNK WALKING TOUR Sunday 9/27 2:00 PM MEET @ 722 Montgomery


Clown Alley

Remember the first day you walked into the Mab?  The deep smoky darkness, the bamboo pillars, plastic palms, and that bright stage at the far end. The sounds, the thick air, the almost ( good in this sense)Hollywood like Noir feeling that surrounded you. The Alley. The city lights from the top of the Broadway Steps, sparkling in the distance as you swilled your 40 oz and watched the other punkers down on Broadway doing the same. You could never imagine the number of secret meetings held at the top of those stairs; the bands that formed, and even some relationships ( beyond even the night!) Vale and others meeting in that apartment in the alley, plotting the next issue of Search and Destroy. Come along if you remember and also if you don’t. All are welcome in this narrated tour through legendary and infamous punk sites. Come share your stories, tales lurid and comical, and hear other tales from these golden black days. Join in the tour, its about all of us who were there and those who want to share!

Just out of the shadow of the Financial District, ramble past the sites of creative percolation such as the Search and Destroy/ReSearch house, the Savoy Tivoli, and the steps above Broadway. View Dirk Dirksen Alley and punk temples the Mabuhay Gardens and On Broadway, coffee houses, sex shops, cheap hotels and fly-by-night nightclubs. Stroll Broadway, witnessing the influence of the beats, books, and boobs, and hear tales of the Barbary Coast, hippies, and of course, the punks.

North Beach Tour: A few of the sites and more secret surprises ’cause you just cant know it all ahead of time; it spoils the fun!

1. Clown Alley

2. Rock City

3. Golden Eagle Hotel

golden eagle_b

4. The Stone

5. Chi Chi Club

6. Mabuhay Gardens

7. On Broadway

8. Research World HQ

9. Savoy Tivoli…and yet more


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