MISSION PUNK WALKING TOUR FRIDAY 9/25 2:00 PM MEET @ 16th and Mission Bart( Walgreens side)


Friday September 25 2:00 PM Meet at 16and Mission Bart  on the Walgreen’s side

Remember the Mission the way it once was,  back in the day?  Come along if you do and if you don’t. All are welcome in this narrated tour through legendary and infamous punk sites. Come share your stories, tales lurid and comical, and hear other tales from the days when if you were punk; you didn’t stroll through the Mission. You ran for your life from the the local residents who didn’t fancy the spiky haired denizens who were encroaching on their hood. When shopping at the Compound, the first punk mall, was akin to  traversing a war zone before you finally arrived… Join in the tour, its about all of us who were there and those who want to share!

Wander past the sites of punk shopping mall the Compound, venues like the legendary Deaf Club and the Tool & Die, theaters, record companies, community centers and crash pads, galleries and after hours party spots, and everyone’s favorite, the 22 Fillmore bus. Hear about how popular our brightly colored hair made us with both cops and vatos, and hear the stories hundred-year-old buildings have to tell, even if the structures themselves have been erased by “progress”.

Check out some of the main sites on the walking tour… many more surprises await!

The Mission Tour:

1. Victoria Theater

Victoria theater

2. The Compound

3. Deaf Club

4. Subterranean Records


5. Target Video


Target Bust: Photo by Vincent Anton

6. Mission-A

7. Graffiti/Chatterbox

8. Tool & Die… and still more…


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