SOMA PUNK WALKING TOUR TODAY Monday 9/21 2:00 PM MEET @ Oasis Club Corner 1516 Folsom!


Punk Rock Walking Tour: #1 ‘SOMA’

Do you remember SOMA back in the day?  Come along if you do and if you don’t… for whatever reason! Not fully conscious( we have all been there),still a sneer in your mother’s eye,  in the East Village, and hadn’t yet arrived in SF..Maybe you were even still flitting with the 60’s we know some were still holed up in VW buses before they came into the light Now wasn’t THAT a hellish chapter in history, we’re with the Deadbeats on that one.. We wont be singing Kumbaya on this tour but there’s still a rare american wino here and there still in SOMA .

Here’s is a chance to wander SOMA  before AIDS changed the face of the city forever. A time when cell phones and Facetime were still cartoon chuckles on the Jetsons,  when leather ruled SOMA streets, and punks shared the clubs with other outlaws. Punk erupted on these dark streets.. there’s even a  missing rattlesnake we never quite located from the Vats.  Walk the walk with us on this hot September. Get on your shoes and maybe some clothes( they passed that nasty nudity ordinance so we do need to dress despite the heat) and join us at 2:00 PM. Couldn’t quite make it out the door in time? Catch up with the tour along the way!

Monday on the 21 September 2015

Meet at 1516 Folsom (old ‘Oasis Club’ corner) @ 2 PM.

1. 1535 Folsom, ‘The Stud’ (part of the old Folsom ‘Miracle Mile’).

2. 115 Kissling, (Urban Mgmt. Concern / New Youth).

3. 1681 Folsom, ‘Folsom St. Studios’.

4. 36 Sheridan, ‘Metal Church’.

5. 220 10th St., ‘10th Street Studios’.

6. 1360 Howard St., ‘The Pit’.

7. 777 Tehama St., ‘Lewd House’.

8. 705 Natoma, Rat’s Palace’.

9. 56 Sumner St., ‘Geza & Paul’s’

10. 72 Hallam, ‘The Barracks’

11. 934 Brannan, ‘SOMAR’/’South of Market Cultural Center’.

12. 145 Florida, ‘The Vats’


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