Old School Punk Photography! KQED TO DO: SF Punk Renaissance Opening of Tunnel Vision


photo by Sue Brisk 1976

Thanks Kevin Jones and KQED for a great mention in the KQED: TO DO List for Tunnel Vision, the Punk Photography exhibit opening 9/23 and continuing through10/2/15 in the Roll Up Gallery at The Public Works SF​!



Target Bust by Vincent Anton 1979

One of the many outstanding things to do, see, and relish on 9/23 at SF Punk Renaissance Opening Extravaganza, this outstanding exhibit features seminal photographers of the era from Sue Brisk. Richard Alden Peterson and George Sera to Vincent Anton, Kamera Zie, and Ruby Ray. Joe Truck exhibits his Punk Portraits of his anti-heros in the modern day, the result of a year long photographic expedition across the country in 2010. Jack Jackson shows his Pola-Reds, featured in his book Pola- Reds: Confections From the Edge ( check out the blog post of 9/11/15 for  more detail on both Joe Truck and Jack Johnson) and Erich Brogger shows Polaroids from the era!

public works

Kevin Jones writes

“Though when it comes to early punk rock in America, the cities that appear to come to mind first are New York (home to CBGB’s) and Los Angeles (The Masque). But San Francisco was equally as influential, not only producing legendary punk groups like the Avengers and the Dead Kennedys, but attracting other punk bands like The Dils who wanted to take advantage of the city’s vibrant, welcoming scene. Even those who couldn’t play an instrument were instrumental in helping the scene standout, with V.Vale’s zine Search And Destroy, with its in-depth interviews and pro-level photographs being just one way these exciting times were documented. Tunnel Vision has pushed those photographers and documentarians to dig through their archives and pull out some amazing footage from those days, including the still-in-progress film, Buried In The Mix, scenes of which will be shown during the exhibit’s opening night. — Kevin L. Jones


Bruce Conner by Richard Alden Peterson


 Public Works

6:00 PM-12:00 AM
161 Erie St.
San Francisco, CA 94103 United States

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