Spotlight on Film: 9/23 SF Punk Renaissance Babeth Mondini VanLoo Berlin Wall vs Sex Pistols

Babeth Mondini – VanLoo  a looped film in the Roll Up Gallery

Babeth, internationally known for her art films and performances was a legendary European personal filmmaker, who taught at the San Francisco Art Institute, and was a chronicler and performer in the punk and new wave scene of San Francisco in the 1970¹s and early 80¹s. This film is her reflection upon the fact that in the 1970¹s Germany adopted the state-of-emergency laws, while to her the Berlin Wall represented an extreme symbol of incompetent clashes of ideologies. She filmed the Berlin Wall at the end of 1977 – which was a forbidden unlawful act at that time- when the Berlin Wall was not yet used as a decorative billboard. It carried political graffiti that depicted the political arena of Germany. The era of RAF versus left wing communist groups, during the time when Aldo Moro as well as several RAF members were murdered. Inspired by Johnny Rotten’s song text “I wanna go over the Berlin Wall“, she juxtaposes the wall in a dialectical montage with the politically engaged punk mentality, which she views as a true revolutionary counter movement. Sex Pistols were filmed in San Francisco during their last concert in February 1978. The footage greatly reflects the vibrant punk-mentality of that era. Babeth showed the film in the late 70¹s as an expanded cinema version using herself as a leftist radical in front of the screen undergoing police interrogation-torture.


16mm film,,  17 min.

Music: Sex Pistols, Brian Eno

Produced by FILM ART

A dialectical montage of the Zeitgeist of the late 1970¹s represented by the Sex Pistols and the Berlin wall.

Babeth M. VanLoo


Produced by FILM ART

Ververstraat 137


Mobile: +31-6-51549270

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