Spotlight on 9/26 Verdi: Avengers Classic Punk Anthems at SF Punk Renaissance


The Avengers Photo by Bobby Castro

“In the late ’70s, The Avengers established themselves as one of the San Francisco’s better known punk bands. Fusing incisive guitar hooks, explosive rhythms and adolescent venom, the group forged some of the better known punk anthems of the era.

The Avengers opened for the Sex Pistols in San Francisco for their final show at Winterland, and their 4–song EP was produced by Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols. This recording, released in 1979 on White Noise Records featured the memorable song, “The American in Me,” as well as ” Uh Oh!,” “Corpus Christi,” and “White Nigger.” In addition to Houston, James Wilsey played bass, D. Furious played drums, and Greg Ingraham played guitar. Brad Kent played guitar on “Corpus Christi.”


Penelope Houston by Alana Alberts Photos by Alana will be featured at the Verdi on 9/26

In September of 2012, the Avengers with Penelope Houston, Danny Furious, Greg Ingraham, and Craig Gray of the Toiling Midgets  played at SF Punk Renaissance.

The Avengers return to play again at SF Punk Renaissance  9/26 at the Verdi Club Current line-up: Penelope Houston, Greg Ingraham, Joel Reader, Luis Illades.

From the Dangerhouse Records Site

Penelope Houston on Dangerhouse: Dangerhouse was run by a bunch of guys and some of them were friends of mine. It was KK who was in the Screamers and David Brown who was in the Screamers once playing synthesizer, there was Black Randy, famous on his own and um… oh Bob Dead, and Pat Randall, uh…. Rand McNally. All of them were there at the recording. They were all singing on the chorus of “We Are the One” I think it was. It was pretty funny.

It was recorded in Los Angeles at Kitchen Sync Studios. We did three songs in ten hours or something like that. There was a guy there engineering it. He came with the studio. He actually did his own mix of “Car Crash” that had police sirens in the background. I’ll never forget that. Of course, we didn’t put that out, but I’m sure it’s around somewhere.

It was my first time in a studio. It was really terrifying. When we did “I Believe In Me”, we just did a test vocal to record the tracks along with and when it came to do the vocal I just said to leave that one on. I was too nervous to go in and do it. And it was so sorta spur of the moment as you can tell if you play that one it’s a… everything was made up in the top of my head.

The record came on black and red vinyl. Dangerhouse went in and the company had run out of black vinyl, and they said “Well we have to have these pressed.” [The pressing plant] said “Well, you can have it on red vinyl.” So there it was



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