Thanks Silke Tudor and SF Weekly for Excellent Article!

SF Weekly Today

By Silke Tudor

Punk As @#$%&!

We don’t know how they pulled this off, but we love Punk Rock Sewing Circle. What began as a string of remembrances on the Mabuhay Gardens Facebook page has transformed into a 40-year anniversary celebration. SF Punk Renaissance: Final Warning! is a week long festival that draw doyennes of the underground back to this city where punks could pogo with the deaf, live in a treehouse, perform with live chickens, and survive on SSI. The festival kicks off with an all-ages East Bay sonic survey including members of the seminal Psychotic Pineapple and Dr. Frank. The rest unfolds with must-see photography exhibits; a swap meet for records, ‘zines, flyers, and other memorabilia; panel discussions on early zines, the queer/punk node, and where it all went wrong; educational walking tours of the Mission, North Beach, and SOMA; and of course more music than you can shake your trick leg at: Avengers, The Lewd, The Mutants, Frightwig,  and Toiling Midgets to name a few.

Silke Tudor

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