Before there were Riot -Grrls There was Frightwig! 9/26 Frightwig Rocks the House at the Verdi during SF Punk Renaissance

Before there were Riot-grrls, There was FRIGHTWIG! 

Don’t miss the iconic feminist punk presence of Frightwig on 9/26 at the Verdi Club during SF Punk Renaissance

PUNK ART7 FRIGHTWIG photo by bobby castro

We met Frightwig  in the very beginning, when they started out in a little theater on Market St. Through the decades, we’ve continued our friendship and consider them family. We started our first show with them, when Frightwig reformed for the SF Punk Reunion 2012, and we couldn’t imagine putting on a show without them.


Frightwig at the Verdi SF Punk Homecoming 2013 Photo by Bobby Castro

Birthed in 1982 by Deanna Mitchell and Mia d’Bruzzi, Frightwig invented the template for the Riot-grrl phenomenon that followed over a decade later. Funny, funky and furious, Frightwig produced the full-length albums Cat Farm Faboo (Subterranean Records 1984) and Faster Frightwig Kill Kill (Caroline Records 1986), as well as the EP Phone Sexy (Boner Records 1988). The first two LPs were re-released as the double album Wild Women Never Die… (Southern Records 1994). Frightwig has widely been credited as one of the most original, intense and fearless feminist bands by musicians, critics and fans alike.

After taking a hiatus from live performance, Frightwig has now returned with a vengeance to the center stage. Presenting an all-star line-up which features founding members Deanna Mitchell (the Mouthiest Woman Alive) on bass, “they broke the mold” Mia d’Bruzzi on guitar and secret weapon “Saint” Cecilia Kuhn on drums. Oh, and here’s the kicker (oh, the shock and horror!), a real man!!! But this is not just any man, this is the legendary Eric Drew Feldman who has recorded, performed, produced and toured with Captain Beefheart, Snakefinger, Frank Black, Pere Ubu, PJ Harvey and Knife & Fork amongst others. Eric plays keyboards, has been known to sport both a tiara and a tuxedo, and has produced the new EP Hit Return. Frightwig has never sounded better. 



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