Miss at You Own Peril! First SF Appearance EVER of the Deadbeats! 9/25 Deadbeats w/Geza X

Sept. 25 marks the first SF appearance by Once-Upon-A-Time Dangerhouse recording artists THE DEADBEATS, notorious for the anti-hit KILL THE HIPPIES (“Send ’em back to San Francisco”). THE DEADBEATS have shared the stage with the likes of the Germs & the Screamers, and are now hot off their world tour with Justin Beiber in which the band was able to hold their own without the use of autotune on songs like FUCK LIKE A BUNNY, leaving the little Lolitas begging for more!! Favorable comparisons were made between their horn man & Kenny G. HOTCHA!
And bleaso & butso buddy boy–for better or worse, this special event will feature every geezo’s FAVORITE MOMMYMAN, GEZA X performing several classic tunes (Isotope Soap, I Hate Punks) off his “YOU GODDAMN KIDS” album. Dedicated fans will even be able to find MERCH to take home forever and sell to their kids.

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