Donate to the TAMPON DRIVE during SF Punk Renaissance and contribute to health and dignity for homeless women!

for st. anthony drive

“T” is for Tampons. “GROSS SMIRKING ROLLING Of EYES “But we’re Menopausal..” ODDLY Uncomfortable huh? A Tampon Drive isn’t warm and fuzzy. No tortured animals to save, no feeding the hungry, or giving books to prisoners.

Poverty. Women’s Issues. Ugly Nasty Details NO One wants to hear. When you’re stuffing paper towels from the public restroom into your underwear ( uncomfortable yet?)That’s poverty. It’s a monthly reality for homeless and poor women. Lack of appropriate women’s hygiene products is a direct cause of disease; in third world countries it’s a concrete barrier to education and economic solvency. Tampons aren’t covered by Food Stamps, they aren’t available at Food Banks. There’s no line item in social service budgets.Tampons are expensive. One of the greatest unmet and ongoing need for homeless women isn’t your old clothes. The need is for boxed TAMPONS and PADS.

Promote Health and Dignity. Bring a box of Tampons or Pads to the SF Punk Renaissance; we’re collecting for St. Anthony’s homeless women. It’s not a “feel good hunger, book or art education cause”; if we choose “warm and fuzzy” we could give you free wine( companies love those) Sorry. Periods and Poverty aren’t sexy together. But Tampons are a concrete need for poor and homeless women. And it’s a Social Justice Issue. Bring a box to the events and contribute to health and dignity for women

Thursday 9/24 at the Odd Fellows Hall! Swap, Share, and Tell and SHUT UP AND LISTEN! It’s all for the cause! Honor system on the donations but we know you are honorable!

All dealers, vendors, and exhibitors are asked to donate what they would usually pay for a table to the Tampon Drive. Early Bird entrance benefits the Tampon Drive and we’ll have coffee, beverages and snacks; drink coffee and put some money in the jar for the Tampon Drive! Please bring a box of Tampons and drop it at the door instead of a door fee. And if you want to donate cash instead, we’ll buy tampons with all the donations!

Donate and you’ll also be entered in the DAILY DRAWING for DONUTS and other COOL GIVEAWAYS! DYNAMO DONUTS has generously donated gift certificates for their scrumptious donuts and we have address books, tote bags and even a t-shirt or 2 as part of the drawings. Please DONATE AND Promote Health and Dignity for Homeless Women

Here are the sites where you can donate to the Tampon Drive!

9/23 SF Punk Renaissance: Opening Extravaganza at Public Works 6:00-12:00 AM

9/24 SF Punk Renaissance: Swap, Share, and Tell and SHUT UP AND LISTEN 12:00 pm -10:00 PM

9/25 111 Minna SF Punk Renaissance: The Wild, Beautiful, and Eclectic Side of Punk 7:00 Pm-12:30 AM

9/26 SF Punk Renaissance: Early Era Punk The Verdi Club 2424 Mariposa 2:00 PM- 12:30 AM

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