Spotlight on Photography: 9/23 Public Works Joe Truck and Jack Johnson


Monte Cazazza by Joe Truck

Joe Truck will exhibit 22 of his full color Punk Portraits at Public Works during the Opening Extravaganza of SF Punk Renaissance and TUNNEL VISION.

In 2010, Joe Truck embarked on a cross country journey to photograph key people from the 76-81 punk scene.  Capturing his anti heroes in their homes instead of on the stage, the result is an insightful collection of color portraits  The Gallery Exhibit in the Roll Up Gallery will be open until 10/2 and can be viewed by appointment with Public Works. All Joe’s Punk Portraits will be for sale.A veteran of numerous bands, Joe Truck is well known as a tattoo artist.

Joe Truck

Don Bowles by Joe Truck

Jack Johnston began using Polaroid film in the late 1970s to document his life and his private performances as a queer art punk. He will be exhibiting several photos from the period printed on aluminum.  Jack took took several hundred self-portraits with the Polaroid One-Step SX-70 camera in 1978 and his book Pola-Reds: Confections from the Edge  has been published and adds a chapter to the throng of books on San Francisco punk rock, here from the stage at home, in the bedroom and art studio, the camera with a self-timer standing in for the mirror.

“Equal parts a record of self-definition and a document of re-invention, these images were taken during my time as an art student in the San Francisco punk scene, 1978-79. I was first and foremost a fan–Jack Fan–of my friends’ art and their bands. I was also a queer artist questioning prevailing modes of presentation. Then as now, I am conscious of the importance of the pose, of concocting a confection of presence and presentation. I didn’t take pictures of pride parades, gay rights marches, and shot few pictures of bands and musicians. For the most part, I recorded myself dancing alone in my bedroom after a night out. If you’re gonna be called a poseur, you might as well be good at posing.”

Pola-Reds: Confections from the Edge is available at City Lights Bookseller in San Francisco.


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