Spotlight on the East Bay! SF Punk Renaissance East Bay Blast at Eli’s on 9/20


Join us at Eli’s for a celebration of the breadth and depth of East Bay Punk

When we talk about San Francisco Bay Area music history we realize the depth and breadth of it. Let alone the blues and jazz storied tales there are more in Rock and Roll, and the East Bay has always played a prominent part. From Chris Strachwitz’ Arhoolie Records recording of Country Joe and the Fish to CCR at Fantasy Records there have been legendary events.

But for some of us the more significant East Bay stuff was Punk. Starting with Jonathan Richmond recording RoadRunner with Earthquake on (appropriately titled) Beserkeley Records, to Patti Smith playing an early show upstairs at Rather Ripped Record, to Johnny Thunders’ “smashing” show at Keystone Berkeley there have been many terrific happenings.

Est Bay punk

And all along there were our own bands and shows, even before Green Day and Rancid. The Jars at Provo Park, tripped out shows Barrington Hall, Ruthies Inn even before metal took over, tiny little Dew Drop Inn, Berkeley Square, and of course KALX ruled. And it wasn’t just music. The various arts and zines blossomed here too just as much as in SF. From the great posters and art from Psycotic Pineapple, to Aaron Cometbus’ zine all the way up to today’s The Crucible.

What Punk Rock Sewing Circle is doing is connecting those (pardon the pun) threads. This years’ festival SF Punk Renaissance 2015 includes a special East Bay show. Bands and members from the earliest days to more recent bands.
Ok…enough of the academic spiel…Here’s the bands. Opening up is The International Café Revue. (The Café was a tiny place on Telegraph in Berkeley that featured many early bands and indeed hosted shows before many other venues turned around to punk). We are proud to present a band headed by J.d. Buhl of The Jars featuring members of many of those early bands such The Jars, Psycotic Pineapple, The New Critics, and the Young Adults. Next up is a more contemporary band but one that also has fairly long East Bay connections – Edge City Ruins (featuring Jules Worsey (guitar) of Kwik Way, Ike Eichensehr (vocals) of Boneless Ones, 13 and Fang. Bruce Rayburn has played in tons of bands and still does. One the first ones was Xmas Eve, a post punk band if you will. Following that was the great, great YO. He will be playing songs from that band with his new band. A very special treat and pleasure for us is Dr. Frank, aka Frank Portman, aka leader of Mr T Experience (aka MTX), and well known author. Frank will be bring his usual wit playing solo. Headlining, headlining…Impatient Youth! The band that may have played more great punk shows than almost any here. Pure and honest and fun punk. Or for that matter, pure and honest and fun rock and roll.

The show is only $6.00. That’s only $1.20 per band. There’s no better bargain than that. Bring the kids, the grandkids, the neighbor who still wonders what it was or is all about. Bring yourself and your memories, that’s what this show is really for.

JD Buhl

One thought on “Spotlight on the East Bay! SF Punk Renaissance East Bay Blast at Eli’s on 9/20

  1. Kitschykat says:

    Don’t forget Aito’s in Berkeley. Don’t forget the night The Dead Kennedy’s played, Biafra got his pants pulled off and the punks took over the venue, with Zippy handing out free pitchers of beer. Then somehow, spray paint appeared and “We Say Fee Sid” emblazoned local businesses.


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