No Alternative Joins the SF Punk Renaissance : Early Era Punk bill for 9/26

We’re happy to announce an addition to the Verdi bill on 9/26! No Alternative is going us for the evening of Early Era Punk. They will be opening, so try to arrive early to see this quintessential SF Punk Band!

No alternative

A bit about the band! No Alternative started off in San Francisco in 1979. Members Johnny Genocide (Hugh Patterson) and Jeff Rees formed KGB a year earlier with Drummer Zippy Pinhead and Guitarist Ron Ramos. Johnny Genocide had previously been guitarist for the Offs. KGB can be heard on the “Live at the Deaf Club” LP. The name change came when Zippy and Ron left and Johnny Genocide took over guitar. Drummer Greg Langston (from Tuxedomoon) took over drum duties in 1980. The band played constantly and became a club favorite. Shows with X, Black flag, the Plugz,Cramps, Flamin’ Groovies, Gexa X,Lydia Lunch,Sleepers…..The list goes on and on. The band took a break in 1983 but reformed briefly in 1989. Since 2006 with the addition of Max Volume (Naked Lady Wrestlers) on Bass, the band has been playing a few shows per year. A recording of a legendary 925 Gilman Street performance with Dick and Jane is set for release in February 2016 on Die Laughing records. Greg Langston


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