Spotlight on Film! 9/23 PUBLIC WORKS Rare Punk Films loaned through the estate of Richard Gaikowski

The renowned shorts Deaf Punk , featuring the Offs, and Moody Teenager as well as rare 16 mm film from Richard Gaikowski’s private collection will be shown at the  9/23 Opening Extravaganza  at Public Works! With gratitude to Zeljko Petkovic for his generosity in loaning and presenting the films in their original format in this rare screening.

Among the most influential figures in the Punk and New Wave film scene in SF in the late ’70s and early 80’s, Richard Gaikowski provided both a mechanism for the creation as well as the distribution of independent films. Along with Robert Evans, Richard took over the Mission porn house named the Roxie and, maintaining it’s name, and converted it into an emporium for independent and art films. He also formed One Way Films, a distribution company for independent films. Together the Roxie and One Way Films, nurtured, and supported the works of countless independent and punk filmmakers. Following his passing, his vast collection of 16mm films was passed on to his partner Zeijko Petkovic. The collection includes extremely rare music and videos by now legendary artists from Tuxedo Moon, the Residents, and Flipper to Devo, The Cramps, and Chrome.

Working in 16mm, Richard Gaikowski made his big film debut with, “Deaf Punk,” described in a 1981 Chronicle review of new wave films as “an enigmatic joining of a band called the Offs and their audience at the S.F. Deaf Club.”

Moody Teenager
by Richard Gaikowski
1979, 16 mm, color, 8 min.
The film asks the question “Can a woman find happiness with a New Wave hairstyle?” Susan Pedrick stars as the woman gets her long hair cut and ends up with a new image. The Soundtrack includes music by Suicide, James White and The Blacks, Los Microwaves and the Andrew Sisters. “One of the best music/picture combos to come out of this era.” – Vinal

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