The Dark Multimedia Genius of L’Egregore – Friday September 25 at 111 Minna


L’Egregore  SF Punk Renaissance Early Warning Photo by Alanna Alberts

Prepare to be riveted as L’Egregore  takes the stage with their stunning multi media performance art in Friday September 25th at 111 Minna in the Zappa Room

L’Égrégore is a collective multimedia project co-founded in 2008 by Christopher Olson (ex-Offs, Feederz, Liquorball, et al.) and Sardonique Schadenfreude Rictus/Raymond André (ex-Executioner, Liquorball, et al.) which uses Dub, Electronica, Gothic/Darkwave and Neo-Classical idioms to communicate the unchanging and tempestuous nature of the Human Condition as it makes its uncertain pilgrimage from age to age; Industrial and Information Revolutions notwithstanding. After all, no one can run so swiftly that they are not mercilessly pursued by their own shadow(s). L’Égrégore’s inspirational materials are drawn from French, Belgian and English Decadents/Symbolists, German Expressionists, French Frénétiques/Hydropathes/Hirsutistes/Zutists/Bousingots/Jem’ en-foutistes, Surrealists/Dadaists, Oblivionists, and forgotten souls every-where.  After the passing of Christopher Olson in 2012, L’Égrégore is currently comprised of Sardonique, Robert Morgan, Scott Campbell, Michael Reid, Mlle. Amy Miriam Berman and Neal Christopher Bloyd

L'egregore Bobby Castro

L’Egregore SF Punk Renaissance Early Warning 5/2/15 Photo by Bobby Castro


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