SF Punk Renaissance Wed 9/23 THE POWER of the WORD: Panel on Zines in the Koret Auditorium SF Public Library

Join us Wednesday September 23rd from 2:30-4:30 PM for the first of our panel discussions. The Wednesday panel takes place in The Koret Auditorium of the SF Public Library Main Branch. There will also be a display of punk flyers on the 6th floor.

THE POWER of the WORD: FANZINES and the PIONEERING OF PUNK ROCK JOURNALISM is presented by the Punk Rock Sewing Circle in association with the San Francisco History Center and Book Arts & Special Collections in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Punk and the SF Punk Renaissance 2015.

Punk rock fanzines played a role equal to that of the bands around which their community coalesced. Early punk printed media were innovative and imparted and inspired changes in the broader world of journalism. V. Vale, Mickey “Creep,” Linda Walker and Verna Wilson (of Ripper) will discuss their experiences as pioneers in the punk rock scene and examine the pivotal function of fanzines between the years 1975 – 1981. They will explore the Bay Area’s first-wave punk rock community as well as focus on the contributions to new music culture made by such periodicals as Sniffin’ Glue (London); Punk (New York); and Slash (Los Angeles.) Peter Urban will moderate the discussion.


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