Friday September 25, Celebrate the Wild, the Beautiful and the Eclectic side of Punk at 111 Minna

On Friday September 25, join the Punk Rock Sewing Circle in celebrating the Wild, the Beautiful and the Eclectic side of Punk at the stunningly beautiful 111 Minna Gallery.

Do you have a gift for the King? L’Egregore certainly does, as they kick off our celebration of the 40th anniversary of Punk in this famed SOMA gallery with an incredible multi-media performance.

Performance artist/ writers Jennifer Blowdryer and Jeorgia Anderson will hypnotize you with a verbal assault on the soul, followed by poet and spoken word artist Mark Zegans, as he premieres his new book “The Underwater Typewriter.”

Alice Bag, former iconic front woman for LA’s The Bags and author of the works “Violence Girl” and “Pipe Bomb For The Soul” will take the stage, backed by her band, for prose and music celebrating her 38 years in punk.

Winston Tong, the voice of Tuxedo Moon and award winning solo and performance artist, will join us for a rare performance accompanied by all around synth Wizard Lx Rudis( formerly of the Units)

For more than two years people have wondered if the TOILING MIDGETS would ever take the stage again. Wonder no more, they are back and will deliver another performance to rip the heart out of your soul.

Closing off the evening are the Deadbeats! The Deadbeats, one of the most colorful and entertaining punk bands from Los Angeles first wave, will finally make their San Francisco debut some 38 years after their inception joined by the legendary performer artist and producer Geza X.

Kim Selzer will share her stunning Album art and Winston Tong will display his original posters for Tuxedo Moon

Join us for an evening of first era punk legends at 111 Minna in the Zappa Room!

See you in September…

111 Minna

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