One thought on “Video for our Go Fund Me campaign for 40th Anniversary of Punk with SF Punk Renaissance (September 20-27, 2015) a weeklong festival.

  1. In September, we’re celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Punk Rock in a week long extravaganza from September 20-27 in San Francisco. SF Punk Renaissance 2015 is an eclectic week of old school punk pop up events celebrating the catalytic revolution of the first wave. From film screenings and iconic punk gallery shows to panels, performance art, spoken word, and musical shows with the seminal bands of the era- its a week long celebration of old school punk culture. We have the venues, artists, films, bands; Our only stumbling block is financial. Contribute towards our campaign and help put SF punk history on the map with SF Punk Renaissance 2015.

    The Punk Rock Sewing Circle is a volunteer group of artists, musicians, and activists from the early days of punk rock in San Francisco who organize art and music based events designed to simultaneously promote early punk rock culture while raising funds for social justice causes.


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