Spoken Word bios, Part Five: Eddie Valentine and Dominique Leslie

POST VALENTINES DAY CRISIS OF MODERNITY_Live Worms Gallery   SF 2-15-14Eddie Valentine: Eddie Valentine: Eddie Valentine will bring his wit, words, and wisdom to the Spoken Word Event and will also be exhibiting in the Punk Photography Renaissance. Eddie “Mr. Edward Taste” Valentine is true Renaissance man; he is an accomplished fine artist, writer, gifted performance artist, master beautician and mainly your all around Klown. He has performed extensively from Trannyshack to performance art, brings depth and wit to his readings, and is a consummate entertainer. Gifted in enlivening the driest of literature, he brought the house down with his interpretation of the Parliament of Fowles at the last Crises of Modernity. In addition to his dramatic, literary, and fine art talents Eddie’s “Master Beautician” (as he jokingly likes to refer to) has over 30 years experience as an accomplished Hair and Make-up Artist. As Creative Director of Taste Studios SF, Eddie has worked both locally and internationally in all areas of the commercial, editorial, fashion and beauty industries.

As a Fine Artist, he creates beautiful and whimsical art works using everything from broken toy parts and jewelry, to salvaged scraps of wood, plastic, fabric and metals. This cast off “Stuff” is sculpted, painted and re-imagines into 2D and 3D works which are finished off with a shiny and glittery veneer; a lure to capture his viewers attention. As a visual artist, he is a member of and represented by Visual AIDS NYC, an organization that helps artist with life-threatening illnesses to continue their work. Eddie received his formal education at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Art Institute from 1976-1982, and in 2003 received a grant from the Department of Rehabilitation through his participation in the Positive Resource Center to the Academy of Art College in San Francisco helping him along with ongoing education in the arts. Eddie brings a wealth of wit, charm, and general panache to every performance.  Stay tuned.

11194932_10205943583924360_1404972266_oDominique Leslie is the author of Our Lady of the Gutters and numerous poems, and short stories. She is seeking a publisher and plans to republish the second edition later this year. The first edition was pulled from Amazon Kindle after being sold for 6 months as it was deemed inappropriate for Kindle audiences. Dominique was involved in the first wave and second wave San Francisco punk scene, a regular at the Mab. She performed with the band Animal Things as the lead singer/songwriter and sometimes as saxophonist and keyboardist. She has studied voice and theater and has appeared in movies, play and performance art pieces. She appeared as Usherette in Rocky Horror Picture Show last year and is currently in rehearsals of two different productions; The Wig Parade which opens in May and A Chorus Line, playing at the Marines Memorial Theater in late August.

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