Spoken Word bios, Part Four: Joel Landmine, Linda XYZ, Brixton Key, and D. Mickey Sampson

Presenting bios for another four of the spoken word performers slated for the Saturday May 2nd Early Warning event at the Emerald Tablet!

Joel LandmineJoel Landmine: Joel Landmine’s philosophy used to be “’til the wheels fall off.” Then they finally did. He’s been up on blocks in the front yard ever since. “Yeah, Well…” his first collection of poems is out now on Punk Hostage Press.

Linda XYZLinda XYZ: I started to go to experimental art and punk shows in 1975 and made the leap onto the stage in 1979 in my first band, ⒶlieNation. I found my voice by writing songs that expressed my anger; I do them as spoken word because the voice I found was not in any range you’d care to hear! I’m 65 years old and still raging against the machine in my band Dick and Jane.

Brixton KeyBrixton Key: Brixton Key was born in Isleworth, England in the 1950s to a party-loving scallywag Mum and an errant Dad. Expelled from boarding school, which he attended on a scholarship, Brixton landed a gig with the British music weekly Melody Maker, writing under the name of Mark Plummer. He left for America, one step ahead of Margaret Thatcher’s clampdown, to manage Chris Isaak in the 1980s, guiding the pop idol and actor’s career as MTV started ruling the airwaves. In the ’90s, Brixton suffered a life-threatening brain aneurism. After he recovered, on the advice of his stepson he began writing fiction. Brixton lives with his girlfriend Jo in a downtown San Francisco loft. In the late night hours, he reads his favorite authors under skyscraper shadows. A lifelong insomniac he has little time for sleep. Who would when another story is lurking around every dark corner?
Currently working on a new novel, his first novel Charlie Six, was released three years ago to rave reviews.

Website: www.WhereIsCharlieSix.com\

D. Mickey SampsonD Mickey Sampson: D. Mickey Sampson was one of two editor/publisher/founders of CREEP magazine in the late ’70s, one of San Francisco’s better Punk fanzines. Then, a flirtation with speed led to an era in which the needle replaced the pen as an instrument of creativity. He got clean and sober in 1982 and now claims to be a Public defender in Sacramento County. He sort of played bass with underground legends Snortin’ Keith’s dad. His version is that all of this is part of the struggle for freedom and liberation of humanity. Those who know him best worry that if this doesn’t go well he will fall into another emotional tailspin, so treat him nicely.

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