Spoken Word bios, Part Three: Peter Urban, Jennifer Blowdryer, Jeorgia Anderson, and Anne Leonard

Here is more of the lineup of spoken word performers for our May 2nd event at the Emerald Tablet!

Peter UrbanPeter Urban: Peter Urban began writing in punk rock fanzines like fanzine for the blank generation, Starting Fires, New Diseases, and NART, and had his own column in Maximum Rock n’Roll. He’s been quoted in books as diverse as a biography of Marcel Duchamp and Lipstick Traces. At one point he wrote nearly a quarter of each issue of the Irish revolutionary periodical An Camcheachta/The Starry Plough and has contributed to Scottish Workers’ Republic and Soarsa in Scotland and Y Faner Goch in Wales, as well as writing most of, editing, and publishing the quarterly Irish Workers’ Republic. Though contributing lyrics to Dils’ songs in the late ’70s, his poetic writing was a private passion until he began doing public readings of his own work in 2012. He has said of these events, “Reading my poetry in public provides a venue where I might be given free drinks, possibly invited for erotic liaisons, and at very least be provided new opportunities to get into fights with hipsters; so there’s really no downside. Besides, someone has to write poetry that still occasionally rhymes.” It is not recommended that children attend Urban’s spoken word performances or approach him too closely on the street, for that matter.

Jennifer Blowdryer: As Paul Corman-Roberts has said: “Jennifer Blowdryer is a writer by nature, though the genres change by year and inspiration. She has written a novel, a memoir, a dictionary, and an advice book. As a journalist she wrote for Maximum Rock n’Roll, New York Press, and Downtown. She was a co-founder of the seminal Punk Bands the Blowdryers and The White Trash Debutantes and currently fronts the Jennifer Blowdryer Band. In her teens, she created Smut Fests when sex work was taboo, and is currently working on an 86ed documentary and writing and recording songs in NYC. Her most recent Chapbook is Blowsy from Personality Press, 2014.”

JeorgiaJeorgia Anderson: Jeorgia Anderson is a living artist who has performed in SF, NY, and LA for centuries. After her studies at UC Davis and USF, Jeorgia created guerilla art exhibits on the street in a series called “Art Goes…” which included a burned out building, burned out shoe store, and rehearsal studio. Experimental music, fashion, and art led her to La Mammelle, the Dadaists, and punk rock in SF. She got a guitar and Olga asked her to play in VS, as seen in Hardcore California and Excapees books. Jeorgia went to NYC with Tuxedomoon and stayed for years, appearing in the scene with bands, films, and fashion. Returning to SF in the 80s, she started her own record label Staccato Dysdain and released two vinyl singles as The Mechanical Bride. Heading to LA in the ’90s, Jeorgia wrote and recorded more of her songs and made a public access TV show, MECHANICAL BRIDE, which ran for 13 years and showcased her music and hyper visual images. Finding the digital revolution a sad excuse for reality, Jeorgia is fascinated with preserving the analog ways. The SF punk reunions have brought together the real people who were there and new people who care. Jeorgia will present a performance with fashion, audible statements, and souvenirs at SF Punk Renaissance: Early Warning A Spoken Word Event.

Anne LeonardAnne Leonard (known in her punk days as AnneX): In the late 1970s and early ‘80s, Anne Leonard wrote for San Francisco’s Search and Destroy magazine, the East Bay’s Another Room, and the New York Rocker. She was an original Maximum Rock ‘n Roll radio show interview host, working with Tim Yohannan, at KPFA. In the 1990s she became active in the anti-death penalty movement, working for the defense on capital cases, visiting death row inmates and advocating for them on prison issues. More recently she has been writing poetry and is a member of the Revolutionary Poet’s Brigade, a worldwide group of radical political poets. She is a two time finalist in S.F.’s citywide Poets 11 poetry contest, and has been a featured reader at Friends of the Library Reader’s Poetry series, Bird ‘n Beckett Books, Live Worms, Sacred Grounds, various Emerald Tablet events, and a featured poet on the San Francisco Open Mic Poetry Podcast TV Show.

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