Spoken Word bios, Part Two: Marc Olmsted, Patrick O’Neil, and Michael Reid!

For the Saturday, May 2nd roster, below are the bios for three of the slated performers.  Stay tuned for more in upcoming days!

Marc Olmsted: Allen Ginsberg said “MARC OLMSTED inherited Burroughs’ scientific nerve & Kerouac’s movie-minded line nailed down with gold eyebeam in San Francisco.”  He has been internationally anthologized and is the author of four collections of poetry, including What Use Am I a Hungry Ghost?  In 1980, Olmsted founded New Wave band the Job, and Allen performed with the band on a number of occasions.  Olmsted’s 25 year relationship with Ginsberg is chronicled in his new Beatdom Books memoir Don’t Hesitate: Knowing Allen Ginsberg 1972-1997 – Letters and Recollections.

patrick o'neillPatrick O’Neil: Patrick O’Neil writes nonfiction, plays music, and makes short documentary films. During the early ’80’s he was a roadie and eventually the road manager for Dead Kennedys, Flipper, Subhumans (UK) and T.S.O.L. Patrick was a heroin addict for eighteen years, a bank robber for three, incarcerated for two and a half, did three and change in a trifecta of residential drug rehabs, worked as a substance abuse counselor for six, been clean for the last fourteen, and holds an MFA from Antioch University Los Angeles. His memoir Gun, Needle, Spoon is out June 9th from Dzanc Books; an excerpted in part French translation titled Hold-Up was published by 13e Note Editions, Paris, France in 2013. He currently lives in the heart of sleaze: Hollywood, California and teaches at AULA’s inspiration2publication program. If so inclined, you can find more of his writing, music, and films online at patrick-oneil.com.

michael reidMichael Reid:  Michael Reid is a native of West London, survivor of the British educational system, and graduate of Hammersmith and West London School of Art. Michael spent his formative years serving pints in a star studded pub of local punk luminaries and never learned punctuation. Fully immersed in the original punk scene of London, he picked up the bass and played in a series of legendary local bands that achieved at least three formal gigs between all of them. After Punk imploded in London, Michael moved across the pond, settling in San Francisco where he quickly became a member of the local punk community.

A survivor of too many punk, goth, and rock and roll bands to be named, Michael remained the quintessential bass player who never got the girl. Co-organizer of the infamous Rolling Stones Tattoo event, he booked the Mabuhay after Dirk went to the On Broadway, worked with Wes Robinson at Ruthies and the Eastern Front festival, and concentrated his plume on penning lyrics and music. In the late 80’s, he gave up lyrics and shifted his focus to reviewing and writing linear DVD notes for Spaghetti Westerns, Samurai, and Yakuza Films. A veteran of Universal Records and one of the founders of Reckless Records, he maintains an encyclopedic knowledge of bands, artists, and the life of the times. As an unrealized visionary still trying to make his mark, he began penning vignettes centered around his experiences in West London and San Francisco.  Michael will be reading from his memoir, a work in progress, “The Scum Also Rises”.  He will also perform with L’Egregore.

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