Early Warning Event – Spoken Word and Performance bios, Part One

The spoken word and performance program at the Emerald Tablet on May 1st and 2nd kicks off with a piece by L’Égrégore.  L’Égrégore will perform at the Friday, May 1 gallery opening and reception and below is the bio for this group of creative individuals, and links to a selection of past performances.

L’Égrégore is a collective multimedia project co-founded in 2008 by Christopher Olson (ex-Offs, Feederz, Liquorball, et al.) and Sardonique Schadenfreude Rictus/Raymond André (ex-Executioner, Liquorball, et al.) which uses Dub, Electronica, Gothic/Darkwave and Neo-Classical idioms to communicate the unchanging and tempestuous nature of the Human Condition as it makes its uncertain pilgrimage from age to age; Industrial and Information Revolutions notwithstanding. After all, no one can run so swiftly that they are not mercilessly pursued by their own shadow(s). Olson and Rictus have been working together since 1982 on a variety of musical projects, including those that have been actively suppressed (‘BlackBook’ 1988) by members of the public.

L’Égrégore’s inspirational materials are drawn from French, Belgian and English Decadents/Symbolists, German Expressionists, French Frénétiques/Hydropathes/Hirsutistes/Zutists/Bousingots/Je-m’en-foutistes, Surrealists/Dadaists, Oblivionists, and forgotten souls everywhere.  The faint scent of opium drifts gently in the night air as Theseus seeks the minotaur deep within the contorted bowels of the Labyrinth…

After the passing of Christopher Olson in 2012, L’Égrégore is currently comprised of Sardonique, Robert Morgan, Scott Campbell, Michael Reid, Mlle. Amy Miriam Berman and Neal Christopher Bloyd.


Nourmahal performance:

Sick Rose performance:

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