A Simple and Profound Thank You to Everyone and a bit of information.. more to come

Because people have asked about t-shirts, hoodies, zines and other things… We set up a Square store where you can buy online. The link is below and there’s a page on the left of the blog


jeorgia Anderson- mechanical bride


There are no real words to express the incredible gratitude we feel for the  efforts of everyone who came together to make this week of celebration a possibility. More detailed thanks and acknowledgements will follow but please know the profundity of our gratitude to everyone who participated to make this week a possibility.

Together, through our collective efforts,  we celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Punk. It was a hell of a week! Amazing performances,  friends seen and made, and a damn good time had by all…. if we do say so ourselves

Thank you for  the incredible efforts of everyone who traveled from near and far to attend; bringing  love and punk soul to the events. To the performers, authors, friends, artists, guests,  and bands who attended and  performed bringing more brilliance to every new moment. To the photographers, filmmakers,and artists whose images filled the walls and halls.To the gifted sound men and light genius who worked their magic You were and are Awe inspiring!

To everyone  who helped to gather, corral, stamp,  and welcome,  To those who mopped, set up, and  tore down in an endless ground hound day experience. To the sound geniuses who worked the boards, plugged cords and made the magic connect.

To those who were sent up and down and up and down stairs ad nauseum without protest.

To the generous donors who helped make this all possible;  the venues who allowed us in their halls; welcoming our quirky caravans with grace and generosity; and to everyone who filled the halls and streets with that indescribable thing

A profound thank you to everyone for making this 40th Anniversary  a true week of celebration

Legendary vocalist/artist Winston Tong w Lx Rudis, Donovan Drummond and Richard Driskell perform “SOMA” at SF Punk Renaissance at 111 Minna on September 25th 2015 in SF CA.

Thank you Eric Goodfield for brilliantly capturing their performance

Punk Rock Sewing Circle

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